The three locations have the Ga. Pre-K Program (The Program is a State Sponsored Prekindergarten for children who turned four by September 1st.). The most important requirement to qualify is a proof of age documentation.

The A Beka program focuses on teacher directed teaching methods. A Beka is a Christian base educational program and supports age appropriate learning goals.

Both programs are popular in providing age appropriate learning materials for pre-schoolers and school age children.

The Babies and Toddlers are provided with age appropriate materials and room conditions that encourage curiosity to explore. The Toddlers adjust faster when they learn those basic skills such as sharing, potty, helping themselves for the transition into the pre-school as they turn three.

Educational Programs

The High Scope program is a solid educational program which follows the path that children learn more when a child can be a part of the tools they are using for learning by touching and controlling these items. If you are familiar with pictorial learning, this is similar because of the physical presence of the tools used for learning.

After School Programs

School age children dropped off in the center before 7:00 AM will have the opportunity to have breakfast and taken to school on Prime Care transportation. After schoolers are picked up from the local school in our area pick up list. After schoolers participate in the centers? afternoon snacks and are helped with their HOME WORK before they are allowed to participate in other centers? non academic programs. Check with the center director for the list of schools we pick up from.